Personal Skills
and Qualities

Applicants need to be able to demonstrate a high level of motivation, enthusiasm for their subject, good communication skills and evidence of their potential to become an effective classroom teacher.

The intensive nature of school based courses means that trainees must have a high level of personal organisation and a professional approach to the course as a whole. Teaching is a demanding occupation, and applicants need to appreciate that a fair degree of stamina is required.

Applicants need to have a good understanding of what the work of a teacher involves, both as a subject specialist and in their wider role in a school. They must also show an awareness of both the enjoyment, and the challenges, that can come from teaching children of all abilities and levels of motivation across either the secondary or primary school age range.

Outstanding teachers possess a huge range of personal qualities including:






A sense of humour

Dedication to excellence

The ability to communicate in a range of different ways

The ability to relate to young people, and to see the world from points of view other than your own

The ability to communicate in English competently, confidently and clearly to a level that facilitates good quality communication with pupils, parents and colleagues both orally and through writing